Notice: Effective April 1, 2023, it will be mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

Please wear a helmet when using a rented bicycle. 

Rental cycles information

The Etajima Bicycle Rental is operated by the Etajima City Tourism Association.


*Day off:EveryMonday,NewYear(December 28th-January 3rd)

*Opening hours:from9:00-to17:00 last reception:16:00


You can not use it for more than 2 days.

Please be sure to return it by 17:00.The guarantee fee will not be refunded if the rental time is not observed.

If it is over the scheduled time,please contact the Furusato Kouryuukan (0823-42-4871)

Characteristics of Etajima Rental Cycle

There are a wide variety of vehicles, such as cross bikes, mini bellos, and electric assists.

You can choose a bike that suits your purpose, including cross bikes, mini-velos, and electric assist bikes. Especially for sports bicycles such as cross bikes and mini-velo, which is a sign of fashion,I would like people to experience even those who say "I've never got a ride, but what kind of bike?"

It is OK even if it returns to a place different from the departure place!

The so-called "ride-off" to return at the rental cycle reception place different from the place where you left is also Ok. However, in this case, the guarantee fee received in advance can not be returned. Please note.

The electrically assisted bicycle is safe even if the battery runs out on the way!

In the case of an electrically assisted bicycle, the battery may run out halfway. In this case, you can replace the battery at a rental location near you, or contact the Etajima City Tourist Association (Tel: 0823-42-4871) to have the battery replaced to the nearest location. In this case, please note that it takes a waiting time.
The contact information is described on the "rental cycle No card" .

Request for customers
In addition to the case where the guarantee fee can not be refunded, compensation may be applied separately for items caused by the customer's negligence such as loss of keys, and body failures due to falls. Thank you for your understanding.
In addition, we do not accept such a use because two-seater riding with children on the back platform is prohibited by the Road Traffic Act. Please acknowledge it.

Please pay both at the time of use.

Electric assist cycle, Cross bike 1 time 2,000 yen + guarantee fee 1,000 yen.

mini velo 1,000 yen + guarantee fee 1,000 yen.
Bicycle once for children 500 yen (500 yen for primary school children) + guaCharges rantee fee 1,000 yen.
※Children's bicycles are bicycles for children in lower grades. Please note that this is not a bicycle type that puts your child behind.
You will be asked to confirm your identity at the time of rental, so bring a license or other certificate that can identify you.

※With the guarantee fee
The guarantee fee will be 1,000 yen once for all bicycle models. The guarantee fee can be refunded by returning it to the place where you borrowed the bicycle. If you return the bicycle outside the place you borrowed, the guarantee fee can not be returned. (It will be the same concept as the car rental fee.)


★About reservation application

The reservation is from 1 month before to 2 days before the day of use.Especially when using a bicycle rental in a group, bicycles may not be available at the same rental station, so please make an early reservation. As a rule, please make a reservation by inter-net, email.

 How to make a reservation

Booking on the Internet.

Please proceed to the reservation site of the departure place.

Kirikushi port

koyou port

Furusato kouryuukan

Nakamachi port

Mitaka port

Uminos Spa&Resort


Online bookings are available 24 hours a day.Please fill in the required items and submit. We will send back an e-mail replying you can or can not accept it. 

E-mail reservation

For groups of 5 or more, it is more convenient to apply here. (Please note that if you receive on Monday, your reply may be delayed.)


E-mail address
You can make a reservation by email 24 hours a day.
Download the application form for e-mail in the right column, enter the required items, and send it. We will send you an e-mail replying you can or can not accept it.

レンタサイクル メール予約受付フォーム.xlsx
Microsoft Excel 21.4 KB

Reservation by phone

Telephone 0823-42-4871
Please make a reservation by phone from 9:00 to 17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday).

*It will be exchanged using a translation device.


We recommend communicating by email.

Bicycle rental reception
At Edajima City Tourism Association, we accept and return cycling at the hometown and exchange center of direct management.

In addition, we entrust the reception desk and return of the rental bicycle to the ticket counter at the next port. In the case of a port, if the time is the same as the departure of the ship, the staff may not be able to answer. This is an inevitable thing in the safe operation of the ship, so please give me your understanding and cooperation.
As there is only use reception desk, return reception desk at port window, please contact Edajima City Tourism Association(TEL 0823-42-4871) for communication such as breakdown, punk, battery out, accident during the use.

kirikushi port nishioki pier

You can go to the Etajima island from Hiroshima by ferry.There are also many customers who use it on the circling course that goes from Kirishima to Oogaki and Okimi.

・Electric Assist 2.

・Electric Assist Crossbike 4.

・kids cycles 1.

※Children's bicycles are bicycles for children in lower grades.Please note that this is not a bicycle type that puts your child behind.

Koyou port

It is convenient when you travel to the island by high-speed boat from Hiroshima, ferry or high-speed boat from Kure. It is convenient for cycling in Etajima Town including the Maritime Self Defense Force 1st Technical School (Former Naval Academy).

・Electric Assist 2.
・Cross bike 7.

・Electric Assist mini-velo 5.

・kids cycles 1.

Furusato kouryuukan

(Etajima tourism Association )


It is in front of the Maritime Self-Defense Force 1st Technical School (Former Naval Academy). It is convenient for customers who come by bus and visit the school and trip around the Etajima island from here. 

・Electric Assist mini-velo 1.


Nakamachi port


It is convenient when going from the central part of Etajima. From Hiroshima, you can visit Etajima by high-speed boat.

・Electric Assist 2.
・Crossbike 2.
・Mini-Vele 2.

・kids cycle 1.

Mitaka port


Bicycle station in Okimi-cho Mitaka Port. It is convenient when going around Okimi-cho.

・Electric Assist 2.

・Cross bike 2.

・kids cycle 1.

※Children's bicycles are bicycles for children in lower grades. Please note that this is not a bicycle type that puts your child behind.

・Electric assist general car child ride1.

Uminos Spa&Resort


A resort hotel on the beautiful coast of the setting sun.

・Electric Assist 2.




Etajima-sou, a hot spring inn facing Etajima Bay, has become a rental cycle station.

・Electric Assist Mini-velo 4.

・Mini-Vele 2.

List of rental cycles

Cross bike(X-BIKE,Fitness bike)2x9=18speed(Specialzed Silas Sports)※It is deployed in Koyou port .For men.Adaptive height.Ssize 160-170cm,Msize 165-175cm. For middle and long distance.

Electric Assist Inter 3-speed.(Panasonic VIVI L 2019 model).※We deploy in Koyo port, kirikushi port, port, Mitaka port.Adaptation height All cars 140cm .... Battery range, approximately eco mode 72km. Assist distance 72km ※ eco-mode. For short and medium distance

Mini-Velo 1 x 8 = 8th Speed. (Riteway Gracia)
※Nakamachi port, Etajima-sou Deployment.

Unisex (unisex).

Adaptation height All cars 145-170cm. For short and medium distance

Cross bike(X-BIKE,Fitness bike) 2 x 9 = 18 speed(Specialized Silas Sports)
※Koyou port deployment
For women (for women)
Adaptive height All cars 152-160 cm
For middle and long distance

Electric Assist Inter 3-speed(Panasonic Timo S 2018 model)※ Nakamachi Port deployment Unisex(unisex)Adaptation height All cars 150cm ... Battery range approximately eco mode 87km Assist distance 87km ※ eco-mode.For middle and long distance

Cross bike(X-BIKE,Fitness bike)  1 x 8 = 8th speed(Riteway Pasture)
※Koyo port deployment
For women (for women)
Adaptation height All cars 145-160 cm
For short and medium distance

Estimated mileage
Short distance = about 0 to 20 km
Medium distance = about 0 to 40 km
Long distance = 0 to,,,



The X-bike is such as a combination of MTB and road bikes.

Bicycles are insured. The contents are as follows.
・ Death ・ sequela disorder up to 10 million yen per person
・ The amount of hospitalization insurance day is 5,000 yen per person

・ Outpatient insurance amount 3,000 yen per one

・ Victim response costs Up to 100 million yen per body, up to 100 million per accident.
Please be aware that we will not be compensated for carrying items, rescuer expenses and extraordinary expenses. In addition, it is not compensated even if the bicycle is broken due to a fall or the like.

★ Other notes
1. Etajima city is generally flat, but please understand that there are ups and downs as it goes round.  
2. Please note that electric assisted bicycles differ from city cycles in their handling.
Before starting, electric assist switch on the left side of the steering hundle. The switch does not turn on when the pedal is depressed.
2 There is also a light switch on the motorized switch. If you run with this on, the battery will drain faster. It is recommended to turn off lightly. (Let it light in the tunnel.)
(3) The electric assist is about 24 km / h and the electric assist is turned off according to the provisions of the Japanese Road Traffic Act.  
3. Every bicycle has a gearbox. The transmission may be difficult to shift with the pedal pressed. In this case, go to the pedal loosening the force will make it easier to shift.