Notice: Effective April 1, 2023, it will be mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

Please wear a helmet when using a rented bicycle. 

Etajima bicycle rental [department of Furusato Kouryuukan] net reservation application form 

メモ: * は入力必須項目です

Usage notes
1 Please fill in the application form for each user. (In the case of a family, a representative is acceptable)
(Please show your license, etc. at the reception desk.)
2 Please do not damage rent bicycle.
3 Be careful not to steal rent bicycle.
4 Please follow the Road Traffic Act (Drinkling driving, prohibition of reckless driving, etc.) and use it safely.
5 Do not sublease rent bicycle.
6 After use, please return to the rental location. I will refund the deposit.
7 The deposit will not be returned if you return to the designated place other than the lending place.
8 If there is an accident, breakdown or puncture during use, please contact us immediately. (We will replace the bicycle if necessary.)
9 Although the bicycle cycle is covered by user insurance, the administrator is not responsible for the claim for the amount exceeding the compensation limit (the insurance fee is included in the other fees).

10 If you can not return it by 17:00, be sure to contact the administrator (Etajima City Tourism Association) in advance. (Please note that the deposit may not be returned if there is no notification.)
11 Please use carefully after reading the attached sheet "Notes on using the bicycle (for user grant)".
[Etajima City Tourism Association TEL 0823-42-4871]